Our initial concern when handling and framing your artwork is creating a safe and protective environment that will preserve the life and value of the work. Over the years we've dealt with a vast array of art made of varying materials. We believe every piece of art requires individual consideration to determine the appropriate frame, treatment, adhesives, matting options etc. It is also our belief that your art should be as beautifully framed as possible whether in a clean and subtle contemporary frame or a more traditional, highly decorative period frame.


The techniques and materials we use are designed to preserve and protect . Often this is not the case in other shops. We often see artwork that has been improperly framed with acidic materials or inappropriate adhesives which cause damage, especially to works on paper. For over a decade we have worked with one of the foremost paper conservators in New York. We offer evaluations and estimates on paper conservation at no cost to our clients and if you choose to proceed with conservation work you can be assured it is performed by an experienced and exceptional conservators.


Foxing- This refers to small spots (often brown in color) across the surface of the artwork and is a result of acidic build-up.

Stains- Often an acidic mat will leave a dark brown stain where it came in contact with the artwork. Acidic backing boards can cause staining as well. ~Deteriorated Adhesives- Inappropriate adhesives and tapes can cause severe damage as they contain active chemistry which continues to spread and deteriorate paper. These are often orange/brown in color and have hardened and become brittle causing the artwork to do the same.


We also offer restoration of your old artwork, damaged, torn or just in need of repair. Contact us with description of damage for a quote.

Allman Brothers Signed Cymbal & VIP Pass
Allman Brothers Signed Cymbal & VIP Pass
Delicate Gold Leaves with Brass Plaque
Delicate Gold Leaves with Brass Plaque

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