Rios, Susan

“I like to paint the private times. They’re the details that people remember. “Susan Rios’ subjects focus on the romantic places and delicate ideas – soft inviting rooms and lush floral gardens that stretch beyond the imagination. Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, Rios was raised and now resides in the Los Angeles area. She won an art scholarship to California State University, Northridge. After college she worked briefly for an advertising agency, and later, spent five years working as a floral designer. Rios has her own distinctive style that does not pay homage to any particular school of thought. The blend of illustrative realism and impressionist imagery evoke a soothing, therapeutic response that sets her work apart from other contemporary artists. Susan Rios’ work reflects her own warmth and geniality; and apparently many noted collectors agree. Her inspired use of patterns and intricate floral designs attracted the attention of a variety of celebrities who have added the artist’s work to their private collections. Among these are Patty Duke Astin, Walter Matthau, Priscilla Presley, Shelly Fabares, Bret Sommers, Kathy Lee Crosby, Sandy Duncan, and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dern. “I love it when people respond to my work; that is my reward.”

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