Kent, Melanie Taylor

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Melanie was raised and has spent most of her life in Southern California. She won her first National Art Competition at age 12 and studied with several celebrated artists. Melanie graduated from the UCLA School of Art and taught art in the Los Angeles City Schools. In 1980 she started her own publishing company and has published a series of art chronicling America by depicting famous streets and famous events. She continues to work and recently her artwork has been licensed to Warner Bros., The Walt Disney Corporation and Hanna-Barbera.

Melanie Taylor Kent is one of the most treasured and collected painters living and painting today. In just a few years she has achieved recognition as “the artist of famous celebrations, streets, and landmarks of America”. She combines her art talent and love of history with a whimsical imagination to produce images of brilliant and vivid colors, yet informative because of Melanie’s attention to detail and quest for authenticity. Melanie’s serigraphs are noted for the famous personalities that delight and challenge collectors to identify them.

Melanie was the first artist to be licensed by the Walt Disney Company to portray Disney theme parks in limited edition prints. Melanie has been selected as the official artist of the LA Dodgers and the 30th anniversary of Dodger Stadium. Melanie was selected as the official artist of the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”, the 15th anniversary of “Star Wars” and the 10th anniversary of “E.T.”. Melanie’s depiction of the 1984 Olympics, “Let the Games Begin”, was licensed by the US Olympic Committee. Most of Kent’s limited edition works are done as serigraphs, utilizing as many as 200 separate color plates and heavy, acid free archival papers. The production values complement these terrific works, which are collected worldwide.

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