Ebgi, Amram

Amram Ebgi was born in Morocco in 1939. He immigrated to Israel in 1951 and lived in Kfar Blum, a small kibbutz run by an American and English coalition. There Ebgi worked with the community, was educated in Torah, and learned Hebrew and English. Ebgi began drawing and painting at age 16, for his own pleasure. Ebgi was “discovered” while working in the kibbutz and in 1958 received a scholarship to study art at Brooklyn Museum of Art. In 1962 kibbutz administrators, recognizing his talent, gave him a painting studio and encouraged him to sell his works. Ebgi stopped his art to fight in the Israeli Six Day War. When he returned to the kibbutz, after the war, administrators gave him a full time assignment of painting, and they began to market his work from a commercial showroom outside the kibbutz. Ebgi continued art study at Pratt Graphic Art Center in New York, where he developed a love for the printing; etching, silk screen, intaglio, relief, and epoxy modeling. In 1981 Ebgi relocated to Miami Florida where he currently has a studio.

He has enjoyed one man shows throughout USA and Israel including venues at Nova Terra, Columbia; International Exhibitions in Panama, and International ArtExpo in New York, California, and Washington D.C. Ebgi has enjoyed posts and prizes including; Art Department Head, Tel-Chai Institute Israel, UJA Federation, Magen David from Ehud Olmart, Mayor of Jerusalem – Jerusalem 3000 Celebration, Official Poster for Israel’s 40th Anniversary, UNICEF, Corcoran School of Art Washington D.C.

His work is collected by private and public institutions and museums including: Yale University, Duke University, Vassar College, U.C.L.A., New York University, Florida International University, Princeton University, Beit Hshoah-Museum of Tolerance, California; Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Florida, Huntsville Museum of Art, Alabama; Canton Art Institute, Ohio; Salt Lake City Art Center, Utah; Del Rio Art Center, Texas; Laguna Beach Museum, California; and Arkansas Art Center, Arkansas. Other acknowledgments include: Art Business News, “Festival of Masters” Disney World Flordia, Salute to Israel presented to Vice President George Bush on the occasion of Israel’s 40th Anniversary, and gifts made by Elizabeth Taylor and Chaim Topol to institutions in the USA and Europe.

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