Yamagata, Hiro

Originally from Miabara, Japan, Hiro Yamagata has achieved amazing success world wide for his contemporary art. He is well known to the world for his beautiful paintings. He was first interested in painting when he was in the elementary school and took a special art class in it after school everyday. Then he studied under his high school art teacher, who is a Japanese-style painter. After his graduation, he went to Tokyo and had part-time jobs in the advertisement field, where his talent was recognized. He began his artistic studies in 1972 at Lecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Upon completing his education, he had his first European tour throughout Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy; and Germany. In 1978 Hiro moved to Los Angeles, California. He then toured the U.S. for 7 years. After spending 12 years achieving commercial success with his paintings, Yamagata has completely changed his style. Today, hes known for his laser-light installations. He works and resides in Malibu, California. His studio, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, is an art laboratory where he combines art and science to push the boundaries of art. Although hes moved on, his serigraphs remain highly collectible.
Yamagata captures your imagination, immerses your senses in a roller coaster ride of vibrant colors awash in images so detailed as to have you casting second glances in order not to miss a single gesture of one of his exquisite characters.

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