Vickers, Mary

Mary Vickers was born and raised in a small village just outside London, England. Her earlier training made evident her predilection toward art. She immediately exhibited an extraordinary talent for capturing the many moods and emotions of the human figure. Mary’s formal art studies were at the St. Martine School of Art where she worked under the best artists of the time, as well as frequenting the world famous London museums and galleries.The aura of love that permeates the paintings of Mary Vickers is the most prominent characteristic of her work. There is no mystique, no use of gimmicks or tricks, just a simple direct statement. Whether the subject is children, sweethearts, or mother and offspring, there is a tenderness and purity of love that exudes from the paintings and embraces the viewer with soul-searching tenderness. This explains the overwhelming reception her paintings invariably receive from the critics and art-oriented public

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