Kardos, Janos

Janos Kardos was born in Budapest Hungary in 1946. It was in Budapest where he completed his preliminary art courses. He left Hungary in 1970 to pursue further art studies in countries as such Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Spain. It was during these travels that he developed his signature abstract expressionist style.

Attracted to the climate and culture of the Caribbean, Kardos extended his journey over the Atlantic, making a home for himself on the Venezuelan island of Margarita and then later in the country’s capital of Caracas. While living in Venezuela for 18 years he was able to refine his distinctive style. There he gained a reputation of an accomplished and professional artist and his works have been presented in various galleries and collections in the region. Kardos has since also exhibited his works throughout the United States in citites such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Kardos is regarded as a unique and distinct figure in the international art community and his works are recognized and appreciated by critics and collectors alike. Despite having lived in a variety of places, his artworks remain largely uninfluenced by his circumstances. Kardos explains that his abstract expressionism “comes from a deeper realm of being.” His syle is an authentic representation of his way of experiencing life at a deeper level.

Janos Kardos passed away in 2018, having lived a rich fulfilled life and leaving us with the memory of his brilliant talent.

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