Brombacher, Shoshanna

Shoshannah Brombacher was born in Amsterdam (Holland) in 1959. After she studied Semitic Languages, Ancient Middle Eastern Culture and Codicology at the University of Leyden (Holland) and specialized in medieval Sephardic Hebrew poetry she wrote her Ph.D. thesis on the Portuguese Jewish Community in 17th century Amsterdam (the Anusim who fled from Spain and Portugal). She was involved in codicological projects in Amsterdam, Jerusalem and Germany, describing and studying manuscripts, books and tombstones. She lectured at the Free University of Berlin. Though she attended some art classes in Leyden and at the Free Art Academy of The Hague in Holland she considers her self mainly self taught. She sees her academic background and her traveling and living in several countries as an invaluable tool for her paintings, which delve deeply into Jewish lore and legends. After her marriage she moved to New York and devotes all her time to her art and to her family. The artist lives in Midwood, Brooklyn. She is a member of the American Guild of Judaic Art. She is involved in and submits stories and articles to several Jewish websites. She is an ordained maggidah (professional Chassidic story teller and keeper of the traditions with Reb Yitzhak Buxbaum, for whom she designed several book covers. ( What type of work does Brombacher make: her favorite medium is oil, pastel, crayons and/or ink. She makes very small miniatures as well as large panels to cover a wall. Many drawings are calligraphic. Text, letters and colors play an important role.

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