A Dose of Dental Hyjinx ALU

Charles Fazzino (Limited Edition): Limited Edition 3-Dimensional Serigraph Construction on Aluminum

Dimensions: 19 x 21"

Year: 2014


Artist: Charles Fazzino (Limited Edition)
Media: 3-D Serigraph
Paper size:
Image size: 7 1/2 x 9 1/2
Frame size: 19 x 21″
Edition size: 150DX / 50PR / 100ALU
Year: 2014
Limited Edition 3-Dimensional Serigraph Construction on Aluminum

“A Dose of Dental Hyjinx” is the newest in a long line of satirical, entertaining, and whimsical tributes to the dental industry by Charles Fazzino. Fazzino’s first dental piece “Dentasia” was done in the mid-1990’s after a visit by the artist to the dentist. “I did that piece on a whim,” said Fazzino. “It just hit me as a subject that I could have a lot of fun with…and I did. What happened next was amazing to me. The piece sold out very quickly and collectors started demanding more and more dental artwork. I created my own little niche there.”

Since then, Charles Fazzino has released dozens of limited editions and original paintings about dentistry. He’s combined the Disney characters with dentistry in pieces such as “Visiting the Disney Dentist” and “Disney Dental School.” “Never Long in the Tooth,” “Tooth Story Building,” and “Mouth Under Construction” were highly sought after and sold out in a matter of months after their release dates.

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