One World… The Circle of Life DX

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Charles Fazzino (Limited Edition): Limited Edition 3-Dimensional Serigraph Construction


Artist: Charles Fazzino

Dimensions: 51 x 51"

Year: 2022


Artist: Charles Fazzino (Limited Edition)
Media: 3-D Serigraph
Paper size:
Image size: 35″ Diameter
Frame size: 51 x 51″
Edition size: 150DX / 150PR / 99AP / 99PRDX
Year: 2022
Limited Edition 3-Dimensional Serigraph Construction

“One World…The Circle of Life” represents my profound belief in the human spirit. No matter where we are from or what we do, we all travel along the same circle of life, connected by our common humanity. We dream of peace, health and prosperity for those we love and seek joy in the world around us. I chose butterflies because they are a global symbol of renewal and rebirth. The honey bees represent our nurturing instincts, and the dragonflies the endlessly transformational state of mankind. A world united in purpose…to travel the circle of life in a meaningful way, leaving nothing but love behind us.       –Charles Fazzino

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